History of Cawdor now available

H of C P book coverA History of Cawdor Parish was published in 2016 and is already on its second print run. You can buy it for £10 from a variety of local outlets including Nairn Museum, Nairn Bookshop, Cawdor Village Store and Broadley Garden Centre.

If you live further afield you can also buy copies by contacting us.

What has shaped the present parish of Cawdor? Newcomers and children may wish to know more about the place in which they live. Older residents like to share their memories of times past and present. This was very obvious in 1991 when Reg King and Dan Morrison gave a show in the Village Hall entitled: Cawdor the way it was…

This is the first in what is planned to be a series of books on Cawdor, including a host of local reminiscences. Books due to be published in 2017 include a Guide to our work with the Census and a History of Cawdor Forestry.


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