The 2017 season of meetings

Our regular meetings are held at 7.30pm on the third Wednesday of the month at Cawdor Community Centre. In 2017 these are February to April inclusive and September to November inclusive. There will be outings in May and June.

The programme for 2017




Wed 15 February. 7.30pm Pauline Fraser Where on Earth is this?: Earth from the air
Wed 15 March. 7.30pm Jenny Rose-Miller I remember when: Memories of Cawdor
Wed 19 April. 7.30pm John Rose-Miller, Ian Robertson and Barbara MacLeod Nairn’s Neighbours: A Guide to the Census
Wed 16 May. Field Trip Gordon’s Sawmill and afternoon tea at Househill
Sat 21 June. Field Trip Full of Eastern Promise: Outing to various places east of Forres
Wed 20 September. 7.30pm Stephanie Christie The Story and Music of the Clarsach
Wed 18 October. 7.30pm A.G.M. Members’ Favourite Photographs
 Wed 15 November. All members Quiz and Social Evening

History of Cawdor now available

H of C P book coverA History of Cawdor Parish was published in 2016 and is already on its second print run. You can buy it for £10 from a variety of local outlets including Nairn Museum, Nairn Bookshop, Cawdor Village Store and Broadley Garden Centre.

If you live further afield you can also buy copies by contacting us.

What has shaped the present parish of Cawdor? Newcomers and children may wish to know more about the place in which they live. Older residents like to share their memories of times past and present. This was very obvious in 1991 when Reg King and Dan Morrison gave a show in the Village Hall entitled: Cawdor the way it was…

This is the first in what is planned to be a series of books on Cawdor, including a host of local reminiscences. Books due to be published in 2017 include a Guide to our work with the Census and a History of Cawdor Forestry.

2016 Meetings

Our season runs from February to June and  September to November. This year’s syllabus is now available as follows:

The programme for 2016




Wed 17 February. 7.30pm Jenny Rose-Miller What have we done since 1991?: Display of Archives
Wed 16 March. 7.30pm Archie McLaren Pitlochry Explorers Garden and the Scottish Plant Hunters
Wed 20 April. 7.30pm John Rose-Miller A History of Cawdor Parish and other Group publications
Wed 18 May. Field Trip Black Isle Bronze
Sat 18 June. Field Trip Pitlochry Explorers Garden and Theatre
Wed 21 September. 7.30pm Dougie Fraser Forestry in Cawdor
Wed 21 October. 7.30pm A.G.M. Favourite Photographs
 Fri 18 November. Anniversary Evening 25th year party at Cawdor Tavern for members and invited guests

25th anniversary events

2016 is the 25th anniversary of Cawdor Heritage Group. We will be celebrating with an exhibition at Nairn Museum from the 28th of March until mid May. During the year we will also begin publishing a series of books on Cawdor.

Stay tuned for more news during the year and join us for a range of events.

Visit Nairn Museum for the 25 year exhibition
Visit Nairn Museum for the Heritage Group’s 25 year exhibition